• Naruto best scene (p. 001)
  • Shinobi Section (p. 013)
  • Having Long Time Traditions – The Ninja Clans From All Over the Ninja World (p. 017)
  • Now… Five Villages Have Become One! The Shinobi Alliance’s 80000 Man’s Power Graph (p. 020)
  • The Remnants of “Ne”, That Lurks in Konohagakure’s Shadows (p. 023)
  • Left at Various Places – Parts of Kaguya Otsutsuki (p. 025)
  • The Legend of the “Ruined Country’s” Crest Handed Down in Konohagakure (p. 036)
  • Supporting the Shinobi’s Missions – Konoha’s Special Forces (p. 065)
  • Having Close Relations – The Connection of Countries and Their Villages (p. 074)
  • Reaching to the Mysterious World – “Sages” – The Three Secret Regions (p. 079)
  • The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages – Konohagakure Volume (p. 125)
  • The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages – Sunagakure Volume (p. 130)
  • The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages – Iwagakure Volume (p. 133)
  • The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages – Kirigakure Volume (p. 137)
  • The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages – Kumogakure Volume (p. 142)
  • Changes to Match the Mission – Shinobi Attire – Winter Method (p. 158)
  • The Father of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen – His Name is Sasuke Sarutobi (p. 161)
  • A Furious Mind – Mizukage Mei – Record of Mistaken Thoughts (p. 185)
  • Protected by Samurai — Inviolable by Shinobi – The Land of Iron (p. 188)
  • Chūnin Selection Exam – The Changes of 24 Years (p. 199)
  • Leader in Fashion Ino Yamanaka Presents! The Scathing Shinobi Fashion Check!! (p. 214)
  • Shinobi Well-Informed Record (p. 215)
    • Secret Notes of the Birth of Ninjutsu (p. 216)
    • Tailed Beasts Shinobi World History (p. 220)
    • History of the Fourth Great Ninja World War (p. 222)
    • Yin-Yang Release Techniques (p. 226)
  • Technique Section (p. 227)
  • (p. 229)
  • Blessing and Compensation – Forbidden Techniques -The Reasons- (p. 235)
  • Their Predecessor’s Legend Leading the Uchiha – The Secret of the Naka Shrine (p. 240)
  • The Island Turtle Carried On the Back – The Animal Kingdom (p. 243)
  • They Awaken Through Transcending a Tragedy – “Mangekyo Sharingan” -Their Patterns- (p. 248)
  • Grotesque Figures – Rampaging Personalities – Cursed Seals -That Power’s Origin- (p. 265)
  • Inherited From the Teacher to the Disciple – The Secret of the Birth of Hiden Ninjutsu (p. 270)
  • Releasing The Soul of the Shackled Death – “Edo Tensei” Release Method (p. 276)
  • “Moving” Is the Basis of a Rare Species’ Art – The Way to “Sagehood” (p. 281) [TN: Totally clueless about this]
  • Drawing Out the Tailed Beast’s Power – B’s and Naruto’s Tailed Beast Training (p. 286)
  • The Fellow Shinobi’s Assistance Has Brought Forth a New Power – “Cooperation Ninjutsu” -The Power of Bonds- (p. 289)
  • (p. 296)
  • Immeasurable Power Hidden In the Six Paths Sacred Treasures – The Legendary Weapons Handed Down In Kumogakure (p. 313)
  • (p. 329)
  • Naruto Character & Jutsu Introduction Index (p. 330)
  • Killer B Recommend! Best Rhyme!! (p. 340)
  • “Road to Naruto the Movie” (p. 341)
    • “Road to Naruto the Movie” commentary (p. 344)
    • Art of “Road to Ninja – Naruto the Movie” (p. 376)
  • Masashi Kishimoto-sensei X First Editor Mr. Kōsuke Yahagi Interview (p. 378)
  • Ninja Identification Tag (p. 388)

Character File 

Shinobi Section (p. 13) 

One thousand years since the creation of the ninja world, secret traditions and techniques were inherited, the wheel of fate spun and 270 soldiers are now assembled here.

Shinobi Section – How to read-chart (p. 14) 

※The introduced character data in this book goes up to chapter #691 (10th October)
[4] Possession: Nature Transformation
The nature transformations that shinobi can handle are shown. With the appended “Fire”, “Wind”, “Water”, “Earth” and “Lightning” as well as “Yin” and “Yang”, seven natures exist.
※Possession: Nature Transformation makes a guess according to that shinobi’s battle experience so far, also eye powers change the current stats.
[5] Characteristics
The special characteristics this character possesses. There are “Jinchuriki”, “Senjutsu”, “Kekkei Genkai”, “Kekkei Tota”, “Kekkei Mora”, “Hiden” and “Kuchiyose”, character with multiple special characteristics exist, too.
[7] Events of the past
Past incidents and emerging desires, bringing about a big influence on the the growth of those [people], read these events carefully. (Or so)

Ao (p. 15) 

Ao (青)
Kana: アオ
Databook romanisation: AO
Village: Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Rank: Jōnin
Ninja registration number: —
Birthday: 1st August (46 years old, Leo)
Height: 182.0 cm Weight: 70.9 kg Blood type: A
Personality: Old-fashioned, stoic

Aoda (p. 15) 

Aoda (アオダ)
Kana: アオダ
Databook romanisation: AODA
Village: —
Rank: —
Ninja registration number: —
Birthday: 1st October (? years old, Libra)
Height: ? cm Weight: ? kg Blood type: ?
Personality: Simple
↑ By weavingly making progress through the gaps between waiting enemies, it easily broke through the center of the enemy’s lines!!
How [can I serve you? or so], Sasuke-sama
Boldly pushing forward without shaking, serving its master with loyalty, a calm and level-headed great python snake!
A big snake that lives in the Dragon Earth Cave and was summoned by Sasuke. It’s endowed with a body and strength that comes close to Manda and Second Manda, as well as an infrared-ray sensing organ. It once saved Sasuke’s life and has been loyal to him ever since. [TN: Not sure about this last sentence]

Akatsuchi (p. 16) 

Akatsuchi (赤ツチ)
Kana: あか—
Databook romanisation: AKATSUCHI
Village: Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Rank: Jōnin
Ninja registration number: IW-08718
Birthday: 11th January (20 years old, Capricorn)
Height: 200.0 cm Weight: 137.0 kg Blood type: B
Personality: Cheerful, loyal
↑ Easily carrying the Tsuchikage on his shoulders, prepared to take on the position of a perfect guard.
The Tsuchikage’s “shield” with unrivaled physical strength!!
Iwagakure’s war-experienced pride of power, with a body like a huge rock. Besides his personal physical strength, he can freely use a stone puppet, a “golem”, that he spits out of his mouth. Because of this, despite numerical inferiority, he’s displaying excellent war results. He’s always following and protecting the old Tsuchikage as a guard.
I will carry the baggage of Lord Tsuchikage!

Akamaru (p. 16) 

Akamaru (赤丸)
Kana: あかまる
Databook romanisation: AKAMARU
Village: Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Rank: —
Ninja registration number: —
Birthday: 7th July (8 years old, Capricorn)
Height: 127.2 cm Weight: 80.5 kg Blood type: ?
Personality: Active, devoted

Chōza Akimichi (p. 16) 

Chōza Akimichi (秋道チョウザ)
Kana: あきみち—
Databook romanisation: CHOUZA AKIMICHI
Village: Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Rank: Jōnin
Ninja registration number: 005490
Birthday: 22nd April (42 years old, Taurus)
Height: 183.0 cm Weight: 120.1 kg Blood type: B
Personality: Super glutton, caring

Shinobi Well-Informed Record (p. 215) 

Yin-Yang Release Techniques (p. 226) 

The “origin’s” properties are filled with great mysteries. The Yin-Yang Release techniques are analyzed here.
Six Paths The secret technique forming all creation out of nothingness and giving it life.
↓ Spiritual and physical energy. That is Yin-Yang Release.
“Yin Release”, which creates form out of nothingness and “Yang Release”, which breathes life into form. The one with the skill to manipulate those two attributes, the Sage of Six Paths Hagoromo Otsutsuki, developed the “Creation of All Things Technique”. He also created the nine bodies of the Tailed Beasts out of the Ten-Tails chakra, making them gifts of Yin-Yang Release. After this, the Uchiha Clan inherited Yin Release and the Senju Clan inherited Yang Release.

Technique Section (p. 227)